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We carry a wide variety of new and used handguns and long guns, including Smith & Wesson, H&K, Ruger, Springfield, Sig Sauer. 



Everything you need to make your fishing experience a great one, with competitive pricing on bait & tackle and a wide selection of rods & reels and other accessories.

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Since it first opened in 1994, The Sportsman’s Den has quickly became known as the South Shore's "go to shop" for all of your fishing and shooting needs.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can take care of all your hunting, fishing, and shooting needs.

What Customers Are Saying:

"Really great shop.  Ron and his staff treat every customer with respect, whether they are newbies, just browsing, or long-time customers.  The prices are very competitive. They have the best price right now on .38 spl ammo.

Adam C., Quincy

I've been going to the Sportsmen's Den for three years now. Purchased three rifles and four hand guns there....also did a trade that was very generous towards me.  Thanks Ron!!!

I've even brought my boss along too, and he bought five guns and a beautiful Henry Rifle, plus a host of accessories over two years!

Ron and Joe are great guys. They always have time to take your questions, or help tweak a weapon for you without making you feel like a dope. The prices are the best in the state.  Ammunition is low... just as good as a New Hampshire shop.  

The experience at Ron's place is the best. It is not a shuffle in, buy and get out. You really feel like a valued customer, amongst fellow hobbyists, LEOs and sportsmen. Never an upsell, and always fair when comparing this-to-that.  

Keep it local and support the cause. I sometimes go in just to say hi and buy a couple boxes of ammo. It is a place where they know your name and build up a relationship with the customer, and treat you very well. Only gun shop I go to for the last two and half years!

Henry P., Quincy

I get most of my small arms needs from these guys. Ammo for the range and my daily carry options as well as targets and accessories.

We always laugh and joke and have a good time every time I walk in... the shop dog is the sweetest pup around.I'm not much of a fisherman but it looks like they have a lot of great equipment on that side as well.

I'm not good with names... but both guys are well educated in what they are providing you. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Andrew R., Quincy

If you're in the Boston area and are looking to purchase a firearm or fishing equipment, look no further.

I stopped by just to show my friend some guns and noticed that they had the Ruger LCR 9mm in stock. The price they had was literally $50 cheaper than other placed I've called. The owner, Ron (super nice guy), said he purchases the guns wholesale so he's able to get them cheaper than if he were to buy individually from the manufacturer. 

I came back a week later and decided to purchase it. I filled out the paperwork, but unfortunately, the NCIS server was acting funky and my background check couldn't go through. This is not the store's fault at all. Ron said the best he could do is call me the next day when the system was back up and then I can pick it up.

The next day at 10am he calls me and tells me I'm all set. I swing by, fill the paperwork again, the NCIS works again, and the gun is mine!

He came from behind the counter and showed me a few IWB holsters that would work well with my new gun. I got a cheap swede holster but it fits my gun and is very comfortable to wear.

It's always a great experience to swing by the Sportman's Den. Very knowledgeable, great prices, great location, will definitely do business with them again.

Sunnel K., Lincoln

What a great shop and Ron the owner and his sidekick Joe are the nicest most informative guys around.

As a woman, I read a lot of negative stuff about gun shops and their attitude to women. Not at all the case here. They were welcoming and Ron stated he loves to have women come into the shop. They answered all my questions and then some. They are so knowledgeable. Didn't rush me at all!

I had planned to visit another shop in the area which is a larger gun shop. I had not heard good things about customer service there but wanted to comparison shop.

WELL~~ I ended up just going to the Den and purchasing my first gun as I had just gotten my license.  I love the gun and brought a friend there today. She came over an hour away and loved the place and also purchased her first gun. Their prices on guns cannot be beaten! Hats off to a great business! Daisy the pup is a love too!

Donna H., Hull

Ron, the Owner, is a great guy and will answer any questions you have. Being new to the gun scene can be very intimidating. while making my first purchase Ron answered all of my (probably ridiculous) questions without any signs of frustration. 

He didn't try to sell me on any gun in general but instead asked me questions on what I was looking to do and things like that. he is competitively priced and has discounted my bill on the occasional large purchase.

Mike S., Charlestown

Been shopping in here for few years, one of the best around. Ron/Joe are friendly, would answer any questions along with their great after-sale services. Great selection, pricing is one of the honest/reasonable you may find compare with all others around. Remember, guns are 99.99% non-refundable so you need a shop with great advices/heart.

Chi T., Braintree

This is the only place to go on the South Shore. Ron is a great guy any knows his stuff. I shop here for the guns and ammo but the place was originally set up as a bait and tackle shop.

I had a problem with my Bushmaster and Ron was able to fix it for me in the store. Every time I go in there's always different new and used guns to chose from. Say hi to Daisy when she greets you at the door. 

Chris K., Quincy


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