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What The Sportman's Den customers are saying:

"Like others have said before, owner is really nice guy. I dropped by after picking up my LTC last week. I'm completely new to shooting. He was very helpful in answering all my newbie questions and took his time explaining different things to me.  He recommended for me to start with a .22 handgun but unfortunately he did not have any in stock. Did not try to pressure me into anything he had on hand. He suggested for me to look online and I could send to his store if I found something for a small fee.  I will definitely be back to give him business and show my support."  -Jerry

"Went over the same day I got my LTC and picked up a Beretta 92FS. GREAT service, quick and clean, went over everything. He was very helpful with a first time purchase and went over all the paper work and how to fill everything out properly. I'll tell ya, he was a little more expensive than going to FS, but the personal service (and location for me, since I live in Quincy) is well more than worth it. Unless he doesn't have what I want or need, I see no reason to go anywhere else."

"Ron is a great guy. i have been buying fishing gear from him for years. Now that he sells firearms it is a one stop shop. he has sold 3 firearms for me in the last month. he handles all my FFL business. Great guy, great shop and great prices. Most reasonable shop on the south shore."

"I really enjoy the Sportsman's Den. Ron is a great guy who goes the extra mile for his customers."

"Just went to the store today and walked out with a Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm. Ron was a great guy to talk to and very friendly. has a decent stock of good shape pistols. some really good prices on long guns mostly shotguns. think i saw some remingtons, mossbergs and winchesters. saw a savage arms .22lr rifle for less than $200. very impressive store and pretty damn easy to get to. right outside Boston and pretty damn close to the Braintree Club where i shoot. saw another Sigma .40 that is next on the list. GREAT PRICES and GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!...one last thing...... awesome dog!!!!!"

"I also would like to give a small shout out to The Sportsman's Den in Quincy where I made a Ruger SR9 purchase today.
First off, the price could not be beat hands down. When I went into the store on Sunday I was treated not only with a friendly smile but very respectfully. Those can sometimes be hard to find as a girl looking to purchase firearms. My transaction was delayed by NICS (it was almost expected, they did this to me with my last purchase of a rifle). He felt bad it was the weekend and no one at NICS was available to look into it further that day. 1 1/2 days later he called me back with the good news of a proceed. Now, I work in West Warwick RI until 4:30pm Mon-Fri and the shop hours are only til 6pm. Knowing I would like to come in ASAP to buy the firearm the owner offered to stay open past close to allow me to make the drive after work. Even though I showed up 15 minutes after 6 he was more than helpful, friendly, and even helped me browse for extra's. He was more than willing to stay open until I was satisfied. Those small details are what makes an extraordinary business in my opinion. I would recommend taking a drop by The Sportsman's Den in Quincy MA and supporting the local business if you can."

"I have recently got back into this sport/hobby . I am older and lost touch with regulations and new technology. I have purchased 5 hand guns and 1 22 rifle for my son from Ron. Every time I have been at his shop he has spent the time to answer my questions and or concerns in a friendly manner. I have also noticed he is the same with all of the folks that come in, something I have NOT seen at other shops I have been to. It seems at others, if you do not know what you want quickly , , they get , lets say inpatient. Maybe its just my luck with people. I own a small business and expect the type of service Ron gives , just as my customers expect from me. Thank you Ron , keep it up !"

"Stopped in today to see if Ron could help me out with some sights on my 10/22. I'm building a LTR for appleseed shoots and needed the rear aperature and front sight removed so I could install the Tech-Sights I ordered. After about 45 minutes of tinkering (it was a PITA), he finally got the damn thing off and I'm peeping through a nice new set (at no charge!). I really feel like he went above and beyond for me today, and I won't forget that."

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